Crane Journeys

Cranes in Valley of Fire painting

Cranes in the Valley of Fire; oil and pencil on linen / 8×24/ 2017

The paper crane has become a personal symbol or icon of freedom, expansion, and my quest for meaning and peace. In my latest work, I have them flying through various landscapes.  These landscapes act as refer to a personal -inner space and they are mostly desert because that is what I love and where I feel the most content and alive. Here are a few samples of work and a couple of studies.

crane flight 001cropped and adjusted

Here we come; gouache on chipboard / 2017


Cranes over Mojave study

Study; gouache on toned paper / 2016


And she proceeded on 001
“And she proceeded on…”; drawing study for a linocut print.


4 x 6 crane study


This little 4×6 piece is a study to find out how gouache handles on absorbent ground. I liked the results. My brush marks have a more staccato feel due to what little moisture the gouache had being absorbed more quickly by the ground.


Cranes over Staten Island; mixed media / 12×12 / 2013



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