Joshua Tree – a helpful companion to freedom

Apollo my dad 150dpiApollo – My Dad: oil on canvas / 36x 48 / Montana Black

I have been drawn more and more powerfully to using the Joshua Tree in my work during the last year or so. In an effort to understand why, I decided to lookup the spiritual healing properties of these wonderful plants. What I found was quite interesting and remarkably relevant to the path I have been on recently.
In a nutshell; the essence of these plants helps to release past karma and dysfunctional conditioning from ones ancestors and family of origin.

 To quote from
“Dr. Pedro Sastriques has used Joshua Tree flower essence for many patients at his clinic at the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana, Cuba. His words give an excellent summary of the essential qualities of this flower essence:

‘The hidden contact with the psychic world of our Generational Tree is not perceived, even though it is present in each moment. Joshua Tree allows us to find it. This essence will clean family patterns that are sclerotic and obsolete, that darken the soul, forcing us to drag a negative karma originating from our ancestors. Joshua Tree will help us be reborn with a higher level of consciousness and a joyful hope for a new beginning.'”

I have been struggling with releasing old programming in an effort to work toward freedom from self defeating patterns that were given to me from my family of origin. Much of the imagery that comes to me for my work has something to do with the current state or path I am on. It’s like my unconscious brings forth those things that I need to place my attention on in order to help facilitate a resolution or solution to whatever problem I am working on. I have come realize that some of my work is record of these transmissions.

The above painting is about my father. It took a while for me to “decided” to place the Joshua Tree so large and prominent – and then to paint it in the black and white tones in order to suggest the tree is a memory or echo. Reading the above healing properties of these amazing plants, it makes total sense to me now why they have been coming to me so strongly.

Click on the above link to the Flower Society website for more information on healing with plants and how flower essences work.


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